What? Why? Who?

My name is Luca, and since this is a blog dedicated to football (soccer, not American football) I will first give you the basic relevant information that will frame every blog post that comes after this one and will give you a sense of how I view the game and what type of fan I am.

I am an Inter fan, yes Inter Milan, FC Internazionale Milano. I am probably the only Inter fan in a 30 mile radius from where I live in New Jersey, USA. I didn’t always live here, though. I was born in New York and my family and I moved to Italy when I was 5. I lived in Italy till I was 16, so 11 years. I’ve lived in the US ever since and I am now 21. So I basically grew up in Italy, 5 years in the city of Torino and 6 in the city of Milan. I can’t remember how or when football entered my life (I don’t mean to be annoying by calling it “football” instead of “soccer,” it’s just what I like to call it), it’s just always been there. I know I’ve played football ever since I could kick a ball up until the end of high school. Around age 5, when I moved to Italy, I believe I started really becoming a fan of the game. Most kids inherit their love for football and for a club through their family, typically from their dad. My parents, however, did not have any particular interest in football, so it took a while to become attached to a team. In Turin, most kids were Juventus fans and the year I moved there, they won the Scudetto. At the time, the other big teams and title contenders in Italy were Inter and AC Milan. Something about Inter immediately fascinated me, I can’t put my finger on exactly what it was; maybe it was just the name “international” that resonated with me. My provocative side liked the idea of rooting for the opposing team and going against the grain. That choice payed off big-time: only a couple years later, Juventus ended up being exposed in a huge match fixing scandal that cost them relegation to the lower Serie B. It was destiny that shortly after, my mother’s job unexpectadely forced us to move to Milan. Inter went on to win five straight Scudetti, culminating with the historic 2009/10 season when we won everything there was to win, including most notably the Champions League. Then started the downward spiral towards disaster, only to arrive to today, 8 years later, Inter back in the Champions League and entering a new era with a whole new energy (full story coming in another post, hopefully). I guess that energy is part of what is prompting me to start this blog.

My football interests are almost entirely focused on Europe. I follow the Serie A and the Premier League very closely, I enjoy the Spanish league but I’m not very into Ligue 1 or the Bundesliga. Love the Champions League, not so much the Europa league. On the international stage, I root for the Italian national team. So that’s where I’m coming from, just so you know.


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