The World Cup thus far.

Consider this. No matter what happens, one of these teams will be in the World Cup final: Russia, Croatia, Sweden or England. Any scenario will yield a historic outcome and to me that’s very exciting. Personally, I would love to see England lift the trophy and it looks like they actually have a realistic shot at doing that. On the other side of the bracket you have Uruguay, France, Brazil and Belgium – all quality teams.

Here is my prediction: semifinals will be France-Brazil and Croatia-England and the final will be Brazil-England. And what a final that would be…

Because Italy didn’t qualify for the tournament, for the first time in my life I’ve been watching the World Cup as a neutral fan. It has offered me a different perspective on the tournament and to be quite honest, I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would. What’s so cool about the World Cup to me is that it happens so fast – the tournament is only a month long yet it arguably carries more weight than any other competition, including ones that take place over an entire season. Every game is crucial and there are games nearly everyday and on top of that, this edition of the World Cup has produced unprecedented amounts of drama, last-minute goals and upsets. Every day, no matter who’s playing, fan’s have come to expect exciting, entertaining football and that is good for us and for the sport at large.

The biggest stories of the World Cup so far:

  • Germany are out at the group stages and I’m happy about that.
  • Argentina and Messi are out and that makes me sad because I really wanted to see Messi lift a World Cup.
  • Portugal and Ronaldo are out and that makes me sad because I wanted to see a Messi vs Ronaldo face-to-face.
  • Spain lost to Russia on penalties and are out. I don’t know how this makes me feel; I thought Spain were playing decent football and had the best chance to reach the final. Home court advantage?
  • England have won a penalty shootout against Colombia and the hype is unreal. Kane is on his way to winning the golden boot and his team can see the final on the horizon. Let’s hope the dream continues.
  • Belgium pulled off an insane comeback with a 95th minute winner from a majestic counter-attack. Now they play Brazil. Yikes.
  • Sweden are somehow in the World Cup quarter-finals. That makes me feel good as an Italian since they were the ones who disqualified us and now it feels slightly less embarrassing. Who needs Ibra?
  • After the win against Mexico, Brazil are on the uprise. That doesn’t change the fact that Neymar is pretty pathetic when he rolls on the floor like that and spends sooo much time on it. I want to like him but it’s very hard. Still the favorites.

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