Ronaldo to Juventus?

It’s happening, Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Real Madrid. It’s not official yet but to anyone paying attention it’s pretty obvious. Juventus is looking like his most likely destination and I have mixed emotions about it.

The thought of CR7 playing in Serie A is crazy to begin with. This would be one of, if not the biggest thing to happen to Italian soccer in a while. As an Inter fan, I hate Juventus; but I have to give them credit for putting themselves in the position of being potentially able to make such a move happen. The operation would cost Juve about 100 million Euro plus a 30 million Euro a year contract for four years. This type of money has never been available to Italian clubs and this is a sign that Italian football is on the rise.

The fact that Ronaldo is 33 years old doesn’t even matter cause physically the man is seemingly from a different planet. From a business perspective, his brand is outrageously strong. He has more social media followers than Juventus itself (and Real Madrid too) and might just be one of the most famous people to ever walk the earth. Juventus’ brand would be elevated and merchandising happens to be an area they’ve been seeking to improve for some time. From a sporting perspective he also adds tremendous value; Juventus desperately want to win the Champions League and Ronaldo has proven he knows just how to do that.

I would never want to see my competitors gain such an incredible advantage, but in this case, I must admit, I wouldn’t mind it too much. It would propel the Italian football into another era along with all it’s clubs, including my beloved Inter. If we can really become the main threat to Juve defending their title, it would be an honor have Cristiano as my rival.

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